Organizing Nursing Research

Mendeley is an incredible (FREE) application that helps nurses collaborate on research, organize references and share best practice with others. This screencasts introduces nurses to mendeley and how to sign up for an account.

Rob Fraser working on the Nursing Ideas Screencast for Mendeley

Anyone that  has recently written a paper, made a presentation, or has simply been doing research knows that you can end up with a ton of references to manage. During my undergraduate I constantly battled managing course readings, research results, and personal readings that I had. Most people try to develop a system that will help them to manage it, and I have tried a few such as EndNote, and RefWorks. Once you organized them reading them was the next challenge. In an environmental age should we print articles? I constantly misplaced or excessively highlighted copies so I turned to programs such as Skim (which I still love) and Papers (which also organizes references). No system was perfect, but they helped. However, last fall I fell out of love with them all.

In 2007 Mendeley became the new kid on the block combining reference management, share, discovering reading and reading. In addition to all of these features the program is FREE and allows you to share and collaborate! Now no program is without its flaws, but Mendeley sure does come close. In the following videos I demonstrate why I really like this program and why you should consider using it.

Mendeley Screencast

Creating a Free Account

Finding Profiles and People

Building your Library and Collections

Favourite Features

So now that I’ve shared what I think of Mendeley, what do you think?

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