The science of caring

Dr Jean Watson

Distinguished Professor of Nursing; Murchinson-Scoville Endowed Chair in Caring Science
Founder of the Watson Caring Science Institute

Dr Watson is a distinguished professor and nursing theorist, who has both earned her doctorate (Educational Psychology and Counseling), and been awarded eight additional doctoral degrees from various countries. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr Watson at the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association in January, after she gave a keynote speech. It was an incredible opportunity to hear more about her background and how she became a nursing theorist, and to hear her elaborate on her current work on the Caritas Process.

Ten Caritas Processes

  1. Embrace altruistic values and practice loving kindness with self and others
  2. Instill faith, hope and honour with others
  3. Be sensitive to self and others by nurturing individuals beliefs and practices
  4. Develop helping-trusting-caring relationship
  5. Promote and accept positive and negative feelings as you authentically listen to an other’s story
  6. Use creative scientific problem-solving methods for caring decisions-making
  7. Share teaching and learning that addresses the individuals needs and comprehension styles
  8. Create a healing environment for the physical and spiritual self which respects dignity
  9. Assist with basic physical, emotional, and spiritual human needs
  10. Open to mystery and allow miracles to enter




Dr Jean Watson: Why are you here? What is your purpose?

Rob Fraser: Have you ever heard of centering exercises? If you are skeptical, have you ever pushed yourself to try it?


Image from: Vanguard Macneal Hospital

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