Nursing Ideas was created to help connect nurses and nursing students with leaders, researchers and innovators in healthcare. The premise of the site is that sharing the ideas and passion is important to increasing the rate that we improve health and healthcare globally.


Nursing Ideas was started in 2008 by Rob Fraser as an undergraduate nursing student, while at Ryerson University. After personally experiencing the impact that online resources could have on his learning, Rob wanted to learn more about his chosen profession. Unfortunately at the time there were not a lot of online resources. Since he was actively attending professional events and conference he decided to help those with the expertise share their knowledge by using his knowledge of digital tools.

The first podcast was done using a laptop propped up on binders in the office of Dr Doris Grinspun, the Executive Director of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. From there the equipment and people interviewed has only involved and grown as Rob expanded his professional involvement .

Once Rob had interviews he needed a website. With the help of his friend Josh Davey he launched NursingIdeas.ca. The platform has gone through a few different changes and evolutions.


In 2013 the third version of the site was relaunched on January 21, 2013. The website has been redesigned to focus on the interviews, which will be the core of the website. The website is also going to take on a few more initiatives, and will hopefully become a more collaborative project with nurses from different parts of the world. More to come on this soon.

If you have any interest in getting involved, please feel free to get in touch and use the Contact Page.