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Relationships and Compensation

Robert Fraser is a part of the Advisor’s program for Mendeley. This does not involve any financial compensation, but does give him access to premium accounts. Note this relationship developed after the original recommendation for nurses and nursing students to  use the web service and desktop tool was made.
Robert Fraser, Principal Consultant of Rob D. Fraser & Associates Inc. has been a paid web advisor for the Connecting Nurses Initiative since 2011. He currently is paid to provide strategic planning, technical web development advice, and work on communication strategy and execution. While this work may involve the promotion of the initiative or its projects, it DOES NOT INCLUDE PROMOTION OF ANY SANOFI AVENTIS GROUPE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES.  FURTHER ANY CONTENT, PROMOTION, PARTICIPATION OR INVOLVEMENT RELATED TO THE CONNECTING NURSES INITIATIVE IS NOT TO BE MISTAKEN AS ENDORSEMENT OR INCENTIVE FOR USING SANOFI PRODUCTS .
Robert Fraser became a member of the board of directors of the Victorian Order of Nurses Canada in 2011. The interview conducted with Judith Shamian (Former CEO of VON Canada) was done before this appointment and any mention of VON does not represent a paid/unpaid advertisement on the organization. Any opinion on this site or mention of VON is should not be mistaken as the opinion of the VON Canada board or its members.
More to come.