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Sharing Nursing Best Practice Around the World

Irmajean Bajnok RN PhD Director of International Affairs and Best Practice Guidelines – Registered Nurses Association of Ontario Sitting down with Irmajean Bajnok we discuss her experience and how she came to be Director of the IA-BPG. We talk about how the BPG came to be but also about how she hopes that they are […]

Learning from the History of Nursing

Sioban Nelson PhD Dean and Professor – Lawrence S Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing After starting the MN at the University of Toronto, I have had a few readings from Sioban about understanding the history of Nursing. These articles really helped my understanding of nursing. Being young in the profession this historical analysis helps to ground […]

Research and Practice of Dr Mary Jane Esplen

Dr Mary Jane Esplen RN Clinician Scientist and Professor – University of Toronto Area of expertise: Psychosocial Oncology Dr Mary Jane Esplen has an extensive career in clinical oncology practice that has evolved over the years to include research as major part of her role. Her ability to drive research strongly tied to clinical practice […]

Nightingale Initiative

Deva-Marie Beck RN, PhD Nightingale Innovative For Global Health – ¬†Interanational Co-Director After meeting Deva-Marie beck at the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario‘s ¬†Point of Care Symposium, and had to hear more about her work with the World Health Organization and team promoting the Nightingale Declaration. Questions Deva-Marie Beck: This is a passion of mine, […]

Research Advancing Practice (Part I)

Lianne Jeffs RN, PhD(c) Director Nursing & Clinical Research Research Scientist – Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute In her current role at she contributes globally to evolving patient safety science as her program area of research is patient safety. Her work focuses on the generating knowledge on the design and delivery of safer health-care systems. […]