What Social Media Can Learn From Nursing

This post was written by Phil Baumann and originally posted on his website. Image via Wikipedia What? You’re kidding, right? I thought that nursing was behind the times and that nursing is supposed to learn about social media. What possibly could the Social Media elite learn from nursing? I am flipping things around. Actually, in […]

Podcasting Basics by Terri Schmit

This post is written by Terri Schmit and posted on her blog. She is an experienced nurse practitioner, educator, and is currently finishing her PhD. This is one of her many great posts. Well, it is time to share some good internet information with all of my nursing friends out there. I had more than […]

Advocating for Nurses Across the Country

Linda Silas President – Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions – University of Toronto Taking time at the Canadian Nursing Students Association‘s National Conference Linda Silas explains how she began working with unions and what she is working on now. Resources Mentioned: LASCHINGER, S., RN, H. K., WILK, P., CHO, J., & GRECO, P. (2009). Empowerment, […]

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