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Learning from the History of Nursing

Sioban Nelson PhD Dean and Professor – Lawrence S Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing After starting the MN at the University of Toronto, I have had a few readings from Sioban about understanding the history of Nursing. These articles really helped my understanding of nursing. Being young in the profession this historical analysis helps to ground […]

Spreading Good Ideas not Infectious Disease

Dr Michael Gardam Director of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control – Agency for Health Protection and Promotion Director of Infection Prevention and Control – University Health Network An experienced and passionate physician in the field of infection control, Dr Michael Gardam is now working with the Agency for Health Protection and Promotion on provincial issues […]

Research and Practice of Dr Mary Jane Esplen

Dr Mary Jane Esplen RN Clinician Scientist and Professor – University of Toronto Area of expertise: Psychosocial Oncology Dr Mary Jane Esplen has an extensive career in clinical oncology practice that has evolved over the years to include research as major part of her role. Her ability to drive research strongly tied to clinical practice […]

Nurse caught using facebook- innovating to learn, recruit and retain

Dr. Claire Mallette RN, PhD Director of Education, Placement and Development University Health Network Links UHN Facebook Group UHN Nursing Website Questions: What do you want to know or see provided through sources like the UHN facebook group, what would bring you back? Have you applied to any job advertisements from Facebook, has your organization […]

Leadership in Nursing – Making other successful

Mary Ferguson–Paré, RN, PhD, CHE Vice-President – Professional Affairs and Chief Nurse Executive – University Health Network Associate Professor, University of Toronto – Faculty of Nursing Links MFP TV Nursing Channel Nurses for Tomorrow Nursing Best Practice Guidelines Research Human Becoming and 80/20: An Innovative Professional Development Model for Nurses

Can we learn from dummies? Research on Simulated Learning

Ryan Brydges BSc, MSc, PhD(c) University of Toronto – Institute of Medical Science Links The Network of Excellence in Simulation for Clinical Teaching and Learning (NESCTL) Society for Simulation in Healthcare Research Developing criteria for proficiency-based training of surgical technical skills using simulation: changes in performances as a function of training year Application of motor […]