Supporting patients using online tools to collect health data

Sally Okun RN – Vice President for Advocacy, Policy and Patient Safety. In her work with PatientsLikeMe Sally has worked on the standardizing the language of patient information. This creates new insight and understanding of patients, where clinical terminology and language fall short. Her role has also evolved to broader system thinking about how PatientsLikeMe can be a tool to […]

#RNchat on Patient Education

Patient education is something we often talk about in nursing, and regularly do during the normal care of our day. The challenge is that time is often short, and patients do not always retain the information the first time. I know it took me to learn the signs, symptoms and complications of Chronic Heart Failure, […]

Nursing impact on 30-day re-admission

The Article: Hospital nursing and 30-day readmission among medicare patients with heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, and pneumonia Big Idea: Generally a health work enivonrment, lower nure patient ratios and more educated nurses are expected to improve care. This paper looks at the evidence of how the hospital environment (workplace culture, patient-to-nurse-ratio, and proportion of […]

Can daily bathing with chlorhexidine reduce hospital aquired infection?

The Article: Effect of Daily Chlorhexidine Bathing on Hospital-Aquired Infection [] Big Idea: Can using chlorhexidine impregnated cloths to bed bath patients reduce rates of Multi-Drug Resistant Organism (MDRO) acquisition and bloodstream infection rates in hospitals? Evidence: Observational studies (looking at populations uncontrolled by researchers) suggest that chlorhexidine bathing reduces multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) aquisition and […]

How can nurses help hospitals save blood?

Marianne de Bretan-Berg – Perioperative Blood Conservation Coodinator This spring I had the opportunity to interview Marianne de Bretan-Berg, a Perioperative Blood Conservation Coordinator at Southlake Regional Health Centre. Nurses are most often the provider that administers blood product, and discusses the physiological need for with the prescriber. This makes having up to date knowledge […]

Building the Professional Voice of Nurses

Steven Lewis – President of Access Consulting Ltd Adjunct Professor of Health Policy, Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University At the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association National Conference in Saskatoon, I had the opportunity to sit down with Steven Lewis after he gave a presentation on how nurses can strengthen their professional voice. A […]

The science of caring

Dr Jean Watson Distinguished Professor of Nursing; Murchinson-Scoville Endowed Chair in Caring Science Founder of the Watson Caring Science Institute Dr Watson is a distinguished professor and nursing theorist, who has both earned her doctorate (Educational Psychology and Counseling), and been awarded eight additional doctoral degrees from various countries. I had the pleasure of sitting […]

Collecting and Standardizing Nursing Data

Peggy White RN MN Program Manager – Health Outcomes for Better Information and Care (HOBIC) program Documentation is a fact of life in nursing. However, electronic documentation and standardized nursing data is an exciting an relatively new field. As the Program Manager for HOBIC, Peggy White, works for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Longterm […]

A Conference for Participants

The word “unconference” gets a mixed reaction from many, in healthcare it is usually more confusion then skepticism. For those of you that don’t know, the unconference was born out of the technology industry. They are about 4-5 years old depending who you ask, and they focus on participation by attendees. The wikipedia article on […]

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