Can we learn from dummies? Research on Simulated Learning

Ryan Brydges BSc, MSc, PhD(c)

University of Toronto – Institute of Medical Science




1) What simulations based activites have you been involved in? How were you tested for what you learned?

2) What do you think can be done from a student perspective could be improved to enhance learning?

3) Nurses that graduated before these simulation labs, have heard about them or had experience in them, what did you think?

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  1. Dan Weberg
    November 7, 2008 at 6:30 pm #

    I think this is a good interview. There is little research about it that is actually useful. In fact, I did an EBP project on simulation for increasing clinical competency. There are many research studies out there related to if people like simulation. Yeah, for the most part, people like simulation. Does it make a difference, beyond skills, but to make more competent practitioners? The initial research is coming out now. At Banner Healthcare Dr. Mark Smith showed a 50% increase in surgical skill rate using haptic based simulation and even just using the Marble Madness on the Nintendo Wii.
    In the area of Human Patient Simulation (Simman, Meti) we are still wondering and researching. A review of the literature states that it is at least equal to problem based learning or the status quo in nursing and medicine now. So if it doesn’t hurt, why not use it, the research may show it is better.
    I am currently working on a project with the Arizona Board of Nursing, Arizona State University, and Scottsdale Community College to assess competency of nurses whose license is on censure.
    Working for Elsevier Publishing I was one of 3 authors on the Simulation Learning System, Here we are trying to bridge the gap between nursing lecture and practice all while preparing you for the NCLEX.

    There is no doubt, that if nothing else, simulation allows the faculty to identify knowledge gaps, put the nurse in the driver seat, and test new teaching techniques. And if you don’t believe any of it, you have to admit its better then sitting through a 5 hour lecture!

    Please contact me with any questions!!!! dan(at)

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